This Week we begin our study on Galatians

Weekly Bible Studies:

These studies are open to any and all.  We know that bible studies, at times, can be intimidating because of the potential lack of familiarity or relational discomfort.  Please know that we will create an atmosphere of of humility and hospitality.  We assume that there will be people who have a fair degree of biblical knowledge, and there will be people there who know very little about the bible and have never been a part of a small group.  Our hope is to have committed followers of Christ and skeptics alike (and all in between). No pretense, no pressure.  Just a group gathering to extend fellowship and cultivate discussion over God's word.

Men’s Study - Thursday mornings, 6:45am, at our office (coffee provided)

Women’s Study - Thursday mornings, 10am, at our office (coffee, tea, and snacks provided)

Small Group Intensives:

The ResPres Intensive (RPI) is a new small group initiative for those who are looking for more depth, and have the space for more commitment. These groups will be holistic in their approach, incorporating the elements of: bible/book study, sharing and praying. There will be a study guide that each group will follow, covering various biblical, theological, and "life" issues. The overall goal will be to grow in grace (2 Peter 3.18) and to establish connection with each other. These groups will be structured in a "guided-discussion" format, i.e not "taught."

**Currently our RPI groups are full. Please consider the Weekly Bible Study listed above if you would like to participate in a study group.**